About TransCon Builders, Inc.

Peter Rzepka began building in Cleveland in 1957, not long after he came to America. When his brother Fred arrived in 1960, he joined the business, and the partners formed TransCon Builders, Inc. in 1972. Although the company's emphasis has changed markedly with the times, and its array of projects has stretched beyond Northeast Ohio, TransCon continues to exude the simple, straightforward style of the Rzepka brothers.

Two stories intertwine to explain the practical perspective of the founders and their strong stamp on the company. The first is a story of escape from war-ravaged Europe, the hardship of temporary harbor in Siberia, entrepreneurial beginnings in Australia, and eventual stability in America. The second is a story of success in the building industry and deep appreciation for the many opportunities the Rzepka family found in this country. That story is continuing in a second generation of Rzepkas who understand their history and who now share in TransCon leadership.

The result? A company that takes little for granted. A corporate team that consistently displays integrity... lack of pretense... and steadfast loyalty to business partners, residents, and tenants. A hands-on, no-nonsense approach that pervades the company and means every issue is handled swiftly and squarely.

The melding of keen business sense with a true desire to enhance people's personal and work lives has led the company into five fundamental areas: residences for older persons, multi-family living, commercial office space, land development, and the firm within a firm - Owner's Management Company.

Peter Rzepka - Chairman of the Board
Peter Rzepka
Chairman of the Board

Fred Rzepka - President
Fred Rzepka